Signature/Personal Loans

New PC/Laptop Loan Special!

Borrow up to $2,000 loan with an interest rate of 4.99%* for up to 24 months.                                                         *Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 5.98% with approved credit. $20.00 loan origination fee does apply. Purchase Receipt Required.

Signature Loans
For those unexpected expenses, vacations, home improvements, whatever the reason, a signature loan may be what you are looking for.

Line of Credit
Provides you fast access to cash for emergencies or overdraft protection. This is a credit line that gives you peace of mind. You can access it anytime by using our 24/7/365 phone banking services at (316) 867-4680 or through our online banking.

Overdraft Line of Credit
Provides you with peace of mind from expensive overdraft fees. An overdraft line of credit can be linked to your checking account to allow checks to clear up to your credit limit.

Share/Certificate Secured Loan
Allows members to use their money on deposit as collateral to get a low rate on a loan.

Credit Builder Loan
The Credit Builder loan is here to help build positive credit. The way it works is the amount you borrow is deposited into a Campus Credit Union certificate of deposit. You make regular payments on the loan, setting up a positive payment history and we report this to the credit bureaus. As a result of your regular payments, your credit score should improve, and you have a CD at the end of the loan.

Holiday Loan
Available only from October through December, our Holiday loan is an effortless way to pay for those added expenses that always come during the Holiday season.

Signature Loan Application
Signature Loan Application