Fee Schedule

Effective April 2020

Early Withdrawal

$5.00 per withdrawal before dividend period

Early Withdrawal

$5.00 per withdrawal before dividend period

Below Par Fee

$3.00 per month if minimum balance is not maintained.

Dormancy Fee

$5.00 per month if no activity on your account for over 5 years. Accounts for minors, WSU Club accounts and share balances over $100 exempt.

Account Closure

$5.00 if you close your share account within 90 days of opening.

Automatic Transfer of Funds:

Up to 3 Transfers per month

$4.00 per item

Over 3 Transfers per month

$6.00 per item

Overdraft Advance:

Line of Credit

$2.00 per advance

VISA Overdraft Protection

$2.00 per advance

NSF Fee, checking draft or ACH

$25.00 per time paid or returned

Copy of check

$3.00 per item

Deposited item returned unpaid

$10.00 per item

Dual checking account monitoring

Lost or stolen check book


Temporary checks

$3.00 for 4 (four) checks (waived for new accounts)

Negative Balance Fee

$18.00 per transaction

Effective 4/14/2020



Account Reconciliation

$25.00 per hour

ACH Payment Returned unpaid


Affidavit for Draft, ACH, or Debit Card Transaction

$5.00 Each

Cash Advance Fee, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

$5.00 per transaction

Cashier’s Check

$1.00 per check

Collection Item

$10.00 per item

Debit Card Replacement

$10.00 per card

Excessive Reg D Transactions

$0.50 per transaction over 6 Reg. D transactions. For more information on Reg D



Money Order

$1.00 per money order

Notary Service – Nonmembers

$1.00 per stamp

Paper Copy

$0.10 per page copied

Statement Copy

$2.00 per month per copy

Stop Payment

$18.00 per payment stopped

Teller Check

$1.00 per check payable to a third party

Wire transfer – outgoing – Domestic


Subsequent Action – Skip a loan payment

$20.00 per loan