Bank to Bank Transfers

Transfer money to and from an outside financial.

Home Banking with Bill Pay makes it simple to transfer funds to or from non-Campus Credit Unions account and other institutions.

How do I set up a transfer to an outside institution?

Our Bill Pay system makes it simple to transfer funds between your accounts and other financial institutions.  Simply sign up for Home Banking and Bill Pay. 

Once you have access to Bill Pay, click on the link for Transfers. From there, click on +Accounts and add your financial institution accounts information. It may take a few days to verify the information as Campus Credit Union will make a small deposit (less than $1) within 1-2 days. Once the deposit posts to your outside account, return to the “manage transfer accounts” page to verify the amount deposited.  This only is 1x to verify the fund information is correct.  Once it is fully set up, you can now transfer money via Bill Pay using your mobile app or website. 

Picture of Major Banks