What types of transfers does Campus Credit Union offer?

We offer three types of transfers:

  • Transfers funds between your Campus Credit Union accounts
  • Person to Person transfers
  • Bank to Bank transfers

What is the smallest amount I can transfer between accounts?

We do not have a minimum, so $0.01 would be the minimum.

Is there a fee to make a transfer?

There is no fee for internal, bank to bank or person to person transfers.

Once I get set up, do I have to re-set up the external account?

No, once you have set up the external account, you can easily transfer funds using Home Banking or Mobile app to transfer funds.  The only time you would need to follow the steps to set up, is if you are adding a new external account.

Does Campus Credit Union offer Wire Transfers?

Campus Credit Union offers domestic wire transfers which must be done at a Campus Credit Union branch location.  We do not offer wires via online.