FAQs about Bill Pay

What can members do through on-line bill pay?

  • Setup automatic payments for reoccurring bills of the same amount (example: most mortgage payments, insurance)
  • Setup payments to made to accounts at different times for different amounts (example: utility bills)
  • Send money to any individual in the United States for amounts under $10,000.
  • Receive secure eBills in the same program you pay your bills (if you billing company allows)

Is there a fee for the bill pay service?

Our bill payment system is FREE!*

After I pay a bill, how long does it take until money is withdrawn from my account?

  • If the payment is sent as an electronic payment, the money will be withdrawn from your account as an ACH item generally on the day the payment is scheduled to be received.
  • If the payment is sent out as a paper check, the money will be withdrawn when the check is presented for payment by the payee and will clear your CCU Checking account as a draft.

How long will it take for my bill payment to be credited to the payee?

It is recommended that you allow up to 4 business days for all payments, as some processing centers may not immediately present the bill for payment on the day they receive it.

How far in advance should I set up my payment to be paid?

To ensure that payment is received on time, we recommend that you schedule the payment a minimum of 4 business days prior to your due date.

Can I still use bill pay, if the invoice or bill has a tear off portion that says “return with your payment”?

Yes as all the necessary information is proved to the payee through CCU’s bill pay system.

What kind of payments can I make?

Payments must be made to payees in the United States. Court ordered payments, IRS payments, payments to payees outside the United States, or checks payable to yourself, we recommend you don’t use the bill payment services as you may need copy of the payment.

How do I know if payment is going to electronic or paper check?

Whenever possible, we will send electronically. If the payee is unable to receive electronic payments than a laser check will be issued. After you schedule the payment, you can verify how it is to be sent by clicking in View Bill History then click on View Detail. It will provide a confirmation number and description on how the payment was remitted.

Can I use bill pay through my mobile app?

Once you have set up your payee’s online, yes, you can pay those bills through the mobile app. (Currently, we do not have the ability to set up a bill payee using the mobile app.)

Can I stop a payment once the payment has been processed?

You can make changes, or cancel a scheduled payment up until the cutoff time on the scheduled processing date.  Currently our cut-off time is 2:00 PM CST.    So if your scheduled payment is to process on Thursday, you can make changes or stop the payment until 2:00 PM CST on that Thursday.  However, after the payment has been processed, you cannot cancel or change the payment.

*Bill Pay monthly cost is Free as well as transfers and P2P. E-Gift/Donations, Rush Payments, and other various fees such as ACH return, Express mail notification, return payment and proof of payment has small fees.