IRA Share Certificates

IRA Share Certificate are also available with minimum required deposit of $1,000 and terms for 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

The Education IRA

The Education IRA allows you to save for any post-secondary education by investing up to $500 a year per child younger than age 18. The contribution is not tax-deductible. Instead, earnings grow tax-free and you pay no taxes or penalties on money withdrawn to pay for qualified higher-education expenses, such as tuition and fees, before the beneficiary reaches age 30. Otherwise you pay taxes on any earnings, plus additional 10% penalty.

The Roth IRA

The Roth IRA is like the Education IRA: contributions are not tax deductible. Instead, you pay no taxes when you withdraw the money provided it’s been in the account at least five years and: You are older than 59, or you become disabled, or you die and it’s paid to your beneficiary, or you use the money for a first-time house purchase ($10,000 lifetime withdrawal limit). Unlike the traditional IRA, which requires you begin withdrawing money at age 70½, the Roth IRA has no such requirement. You can let the money keep working, while earnings continue to grow tax-free, for as long as you like.

For complete disclosure of IRA Limits/Requirements, please consult with a Campus Credit Union Representative.

* Please see a Tax Professional for all tax related questions.

How to Open an account

Stop in at our Main branch at 4960 E. 21st St. N Wichita KS, 67208 and talk with Bing Na, our IRA specialist.