Simplify your life by keeping all your receipts from CCU in one convenient location with E-Receipts. Electronic receipts, or e-receipts, are a fast and effortless way for our members to receive an electronic copy of their receipts.

  • Convenient – Receipts for all your transactions sent directly to your email.
  • Easy to File – Easier to find if you need to refer back to a transaction or need a receipt for tax or business purposes.
  • Reduce Car Clutter – No more receipts stuffed into your console, glove compartment, purse, or wallet. Save your receipts to your computer for storage and future reference.
  • Help Save the Planet – When you use e-receipts vs. paper receipts, we use less paper, which helps reduce the demand on trees.
  • Make your accountant happy – If you need receipts for your accountant, having receipts in your email box will make their life so much easier.

To get your receipts by email, you must have a valid email address on file with CCU, and although you don’t have to be using Home Banking with CCU, we highly recommend it if you don’t currently use it. Simply call or talk to any teller and they can sign you up for E-Receipts in about 10 seconds. Just ask.

Once you have signed up for E-Receipts, if you ever need a paper receipt, simply tell the teller and they can print one off for you.