Savings Accounts

Share Accounts
The share account is the primary savings account. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly on the average daily account balance.  Rates may vary depending upon the average daily account balance.  Minimum initial deposit required is $25.

Secondary Savings
Need a seperate savings account? For example, you might want to save for something special, keeping the funds seperate from your primary savings account. Whether you're saving for tuition, down payment on a house, a big-ticket item, you can open up to 4 secondary savings accounts for just that purpose. And you can call it whatever you want.

Campus Kids Club
Campus Kids Club is a savings club for kids. When a child opens an account, they will recieve a goodie bag with a piggy bank and a few other special gifts. Plus anytime they bring in money to deposit, they can choose a prize from our treasure chest of prizes.

Christmas/Vacation Club
Christmas Club is designed to help members save money for christmas. Vacation Club savings plan helps members save money for a vacation.  They are separate accounts that permit no withdrawals and require a minimum balance of $5.  Dividends are based on the average daily account balance.  A check for the account balance is mailed to the member November 1 for Christmas Club and May 1 for Vacation Club.

Share Certificates
Share Certficates, also known as CD's, are savings plans designed to earn higher dividend rates. Certificates are issued for a fixed amount of money, time and dividend rate. Rates are competitive and compounded quarterly. There are penalties for early withdrawal. Minimum deposit required is $500 and terms are available for 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months.

To Open a new account

Stop in at our branch on Wichita State University's campus and talk with a Member Service Representative. Don't forget to bring your driver's license or state issued ID and Social Secuirty Card, along with your $25.00 for the inital deposit.