Loan Rates

Loan Rates Effective March 17, 2016


New and Used Auto Purchases

2006 - new
Up to 60 Months*

Application fee $30

*ADD .50% for additional 12 mo
term up to 72 months financing
GAP Required

Origination Fee Up to $100

Rates As Low As

2.99% to 17.00%





If Miles Are:                        Max Term
0-40,000                              66 mo.
40,001-60,000                     60 mo.
60,001-80,000                     54 mo.
80,001-100,000                   48 mo.
100,001-120,000                 36 mo.
over 120,001                       30 mo.





Some Restrictions Apply
W.A.C. With Approved Credit
Contact Credit Union for details


Unsecured Loan
Up to 48 Months
Origination Fee Up to $100

Rates As Low As       

7.00%    to    21.00%

Loan Discount
0.25% discount could be applied to the loan rate for:
Automatic Transfer, Payroll Deduction or ACH payment.


Expandachek (Line of Credit)

Advantage Line of Credit
**Credit Score 670+ required



Share Secured Loan

Up to 36 Months



Certificate Secured Loan


ADD 3.00% to Certificate Rate

Visa Credit Cards

Limits from $500 - $10,000
Purchase Rates
Cash Advance Rates
Fixed Rates
See Visa Credit Card Disclosure for
more details

Rates As Low As        
12.90%    to    18.00%
  8.90%    to    18.00%


First Mortgage Refinance

80% LTV
120 Months
180 Months
$250 Application Fee

Contact the Credit Union for more details


Second Mortgage

75% LTV
Owner Occupied
Up to 48 Months
Maximum Loan Amount - $100,000


Rates quoted \"As low as\" are determined by underwriting guidelines including members               
credit bureau score from Trans Union and term of loan.  An Origination Fee of 1% not to                
exceed $100 may apply.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  Mortgage lending               
for owner occupied and limited to the following counties:  Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey,               
Cowley, Kingman, Reno and Sumner.  ***Closing costs will be paid by member.               
W.A.C. With Approved Credit               
Contact a credit union loan officer at 316-978-3666 for more information               
NOTE:  The Credit Union retains the right to determine which of the above terms will be               
approved on any loan request.  All interest rates printed are annual percentage rates (APR).               
Variable Rate Indexes Used Are:               
U.S. Treasury Security Adjusted to a Constant Maturity of One Year or the 11th District Cost of Funds               
depending on the product.  Rates will change semi-annually on January 1 and July 1.  Rate will               
never be higher than 18% APR or less than 7.0% APR.  Loan payments may change with each               
advance.  Payment may also change if the annual percentage rate increases or decreases.