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Fee Schedule

Christmas Club

Early Withdrawal $5.00/Withdrawal before dividend period

Vacation Club

Early Withdrawal $5.00/Withdrawal before dividend period

Regular Shares

Below Par Fee $3.00/Month if minimum balance is not maintained
Account closure $5.00 if share account is closed within 90 days of opening it

Checking Account Fees

Automatic Transfer of Funds:  
   Up to 3 Transfers per Month $4.00/Per Item
   Over 3 Transfers per Month $6.00/Per Item
Overdraft Advance:  
   Line of Credit $2.00/Advance
   VISA Overdraft Protection $2.00/Advance
Draft or ACH Overdraft $25.00/Item Paid or returned
Draft Copy $3.00/Per Item
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid $10.00/Per Item
Dual Checking Account Monitoring  
 -Lost or Stolen Check Book $20.00
Temporary Checks $3.00/Four checks
ATM Negative Balance Fee $18.00


Account Reconciliation $25.00/Hour
ACH Origination $10.00/Set up, except for loan payment
Affidavit for Draft, ACH,or Debit  
   Card Transactions $5.00/Each
Cashier's Check $1.00/Per Item
Collection Item $10.00/Per Item
Garnishment/Levy $20.00
Money Order $1.00/Check
Notary Service-Nonmembers $1.00
Paper Copy $0.10/Copy
Statement Copy $2.00/Monthly copy
Stop Payment $18.00/Per Request
Teller Check $1.00/Check payable to third party
VISA Giftcard $3.00 - minimum $10.00
Wire Transfer-Outgoing  
   Domestic $15.00
   International $26.00
Loan Coupon Book  
   Below 60 Payments $10.00
   Above 60 Payments $20.00
ACH Payment Returned Unpaid $15.00
Loan Application - Nonmembers $10.00