No writing out checks. No postage. No time wasted. Right from home and HASSLE FREE!

Bill pay is an excellent feature we are adding to our already free, easy, and ultra-convenient home banking. The complete integration of mobile and home banking means once you set up a payee in online Bill Pay, you will be able to schedule payments on the CCU mobile Bill Pay. You manage your bills how you want hassle free!

To have bill pay you must first have home banking at and a Campus Credit Union checking account. You can register in person, over the phone, or online for home banking.

CCU's Bill Pay makes it convenient to pay your bills or anyone else for that matter. It's simply the best way to manage your payments

  • Easy, electronic bill payments. Say goodbye to stamps
  • Add new bill's with ease through home banking
  • Pay a person (person to person payments)
  • Schedule one time, recurring or even future payments up to a year from now
  • Bank to Bank transfers. Moving money shouldn't be this easy but it is
  • Online chat assistance
  • All of this for FREE. Yes. FREE

    Other Bill Pay Features

  • Send money with a special card. Birthday's, Christmas, etc. (Small charge will apply)
  • Or send a charitable donation with a statement. (Small charge will apply)

To learn more about how to use bill pay features, check out these demo videos:

Bill Pay Video Demo